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APA-NC is an association of 1,400 professional and citizen planners working to preserve and create great places throughout North Carolina. APA-NC promotes equitable, healthy, and prosperous communities across North Carolina through professional planning leadership, advocacy, and education.

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APA-NC Executive Committee Welcomes New Chair and Vice Chair to Membership and Diversity Committee

Author: Pete Sullivan, AICP The APA-NC Executive Committee welcomes two new members to the Membership and Diversity Committee, Brendie Vega, AICP, and Eliza Monroe. Outgoing committee leadership, Cherie Jzar, AICP, and Candace Davis, are thanked for their many years of service to the chapter. The Membership and Diversity Committee’s purpose is to expand APA-NC membership and encourage diversity in the planning profession. Brendie Vega, AICP, is the Assistant Director of Community Development with the Town of Wake Forest. She oversees the Planning Division, which covers Current Planning, Historic Preservation, and Transportation & Long Range Planning. Prior to working with Wake Forest, Brendie was Principal Planner with the Town of Apex, managing current planning activities for over 10 years. Brendie earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan and has been a member of APA-NC since 2006. More recently, Brendie has become a member of the APA Latinos and Planning Division, addressing issues facing underrepresented ethnic groups in the APA. Eliza Monroe is currently a Planning Technician with the Town of Apex. She primarily acts as a Small Business Liaison in helping local businesses find their place in Apex. Eliza earned her Bachelors of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from East Carolina. Eliza is currently a participant in the American Institute of Certified Planners Candidate Pilot Program. She recently accepted a volunteer role as a 2018 APA Ambassador and looks forward to planning events in her community to educate our nation’s future planners about the profession. In her spare time she loves running, reading, writing, and eating. Past Chairs Cherie Jzar and Candice Davis... read more

Meet Savannah Newbern, Our 2018 APA-NC Summer Fellow!

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The North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association selected Savannah Newbern as the 2018 Summer Fellow.

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