APA Launches AICP Candidate Pilot Program in November

Submitted by: Hanna Cockburn, AICP

If you are in or have recently graduated from one of North Carolina’s two planning programs accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB), you can join the AICP Candidate Pilot Program, beginning this November.

The new AICP Candidate Pilot Program provides a pathway to earn the prestigious AICP Certification in a new format. Planners who join the program have the opportunity to sit for the AICP Certification Exam following graduation – when you’re still in the test-taking mindset – THEN completing the required professional experience. .

The criteria to become AICP remain the same, but the order of the steps are different:

paths to aicp

After passing the Certification Exam, participants may use the “AICP Candidate” designation on their resume, LinkedIn profile, and anywhere else. The designation demonstrates to potential employers your commitment to the mastering of planning skills and the highest standard of ethical practice.

Once you’ve earned your requisite professional planning experience, you’ll complete the certification process and secure the AICP credential.

While the total cost is the same as the traditional route to AICP credentials, the candidate program spreads the costs associated with becoming AICP out over a longer time period. Enrolling in the program is only $20, followed by the $100 exam fee. The remaining fees are paid AFTER you earn your professional planning experience – when you (or your employer) are in a better position to cover the cost.

Program enrollment begins this November. If you’re a recent graduate, you can register for the May 2018 exam in December 2017.

Visit the AICP Candidate Pilot Program webpage for additional details, including sample timelines to see if you qualify for the program, and how it might work for you.