APA Names its 2016 Great Places in America and We’re One of Them!


We’re so pleased to announce that the national chapter of the American Planning Association (APA) has named the 2016 Great Places in America – and our own Davidson, North Carolina’s Main Street made the list of 2016 Great Streets!

For nearly a decade, APA has recognized and honored streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces across America that have added immeasurable value to their communities. Each one of these great places features unique and authentic characteristics that have evolved from years of thoughtful and deliberate planning by residents, community leaders, and planners.

Today, as we mark the beginning of National Community Planning Month, APA is proud to announce the 2016 Great Places in America. These 15 places — in communities large and small — celebrate stories of exemplary planning that have resulted in stronger, healthier, and more just communities.

What Makes a Great Street?

Every APA-designated Great Street is unique but well connected to its city’s or town’s overall street pattern. Great Streets promote activity and social contacts; stimulate the eye with outstanding design, landscaping, and architecture; and pursue sustainability by effectively managing runoff and heat. Most important, they accommodate a variety of often-competing street needs: driving, parking, walking, biking, transit, and more.

Read more about Davidson’s Main Street and why it’s one of the 2016 Great Streets.

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