Candidates Wanted for 2017 APA-NC Election!

It’s time for the 2017 APA North Carolina election. As a result, the APA-NC Nominating Committee is seeking candidates with the leadership, energy, and commitment to serve as officers for APA-NC.

There are five positions that are up for election. These include:

  1. President-Elect/President/Past President  (4-year term)
  2. Vice President for Chapter Development  (2-year term)
  3. Vice President for Professional Development  (2-year term)
  4. Treasurer (2-year term)
  5. Secretary  (2-year term)

To be considered for nomination by the Nominating Committee, prospective candidates must:

  1. Have been members of APA in good standing for at least 12 months by the time they take office (Jan. 1st, 2018)
  2. The Vice President for Professional Development shall be a member in good standing with APA and AICP
  3. Be committed to accepting nomination and running for the position requested
  4. If elected, agree to devote the necessary time and energy to carry out the duties of their position
  5. Agree to work in service to the organization and avoid any conflicts of interest

To be considered, prospective candidates must submit a Position Statement of up to 600 words to Chapter Administrator, Bonnie Estes, at by 5 PM on Friday May 5th.

The Nominating Committee will then review the qualifications of the prospective candidates and nominate two candidates for each officer position. Prospective candidates who are not slated may seek listing on the ballot through a member petition process.

Additional information on the Nominating Committee, Election Schedule, and Officer Responsibilities is provided below.

If you have questions or comments about the election and/or your potential candidacy, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

We hope you’ll consider serving the Chapter!

John Morck, AICP
Immediate Past President
APA North Carolina


President Elect/President/Past President

The President Elect shall work with the President in the guidance and coordination of Chapter activities, with a focus on organizational issues such as by-law amendments, conference policy, or other internal operations. The President Elect shall assist the President with administration of the Chapter’s annual work program and annual report and act as mentor for the student representative. The President Elect may represent the Chapter at State or National meetings by designation of the President. The President Elect shall recommend who should serve as committee chairs in the fall preceding the start of his/her term as President, for review and decision by the Executive Committee

The Chapter President shall call meetings of the Chapter; shall preside at all Chapter meetings; shall recommend who should serve as the Chapter Administrator and recommend who should fill any vacancies for committee chairs for review and decision by the Executive Committee; shall administer the program of the Chapter; shall prepare an annual report for submission at the annual meeting; and shall perform such other duties as are customary to the office. The President shall serve as the Chapter Liaison with the National office of APA and shall assist the Chapter Secretary in handling all correspondence with the National APA office. This officer shall be responsible for informing the Chapter Executive Committee and general membership through the Chapter Newsletter of any information pertinent to Chapter Members.

The Past President shall serve as Nominating Committee Chairperson and administer Chapter elections in addition to serving on special committees and task forces not otherwise assigned to an officer, as well as carry out any other duties and authorities assigned by the President. The Past President may represent the Chapter at State or National meetings by designation of the President.

Vice-President for Chapter Development

The Vice-President for Chapter Development shall be responsible for organizing all Chapter conferences and seminars; for determining where and when the annual conference will take place, and the content of programs. This officer shall be responsible for obtaining speakers for programs and handling other related duties.

Vice-President for Professional Development

The Vice-President for Professional Development shall be the Chair of the Professional Development Committee and shall be a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). This officer shall be responsible for all Chapter activities relating to the professional development of planners in the Chapter including assisting members in upgrading to AICP membership through counseling and screening, and coordination of in-service training and continuing education efforts. This officer shall also be the Liaison with the National AICP office concerning Professional Development and will make recommendations to the Executive Committee on applicants to AICP membership


The Treasurer shall receive quarterly dues payments from APA. The Treasurer shall keep all financial records for the year which shall be passed on to the new Treasurer. The Treasurer shall prepare a quarterly financial statements and a year-end financial statement at the end of his or her term, stating the current financial condition of the Chapter and yearlong summaries of income and expenditures. This year-end statement shall be reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee and included by the Secretary in the year’s minutes. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for proposing an annual Budget to be adopted by the Executive Committee in accordance with ARTICLE VI, Section 3a. The Treasurer shall perform such other duties as are customary to the office.


The Secretary shall keep minutes of all Chapter and Executive Committee meetings, send out notices of meetings and assist the President in planning Chapter meetings; maintain Chapter membership records; transmit to the Executive Director of the Association two copies of the Chapter Constitution and By-Laws and amendments thereto. The Secretary, at the end of his or her term in office, shall pass on to the new Secretary all minutes recorded during the previous year.


Margaret Bessette, Assistant Planning Director, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Planning Department
Ken Bowers, Planning Director, City of Raleigh
John Morck, Planning & Community Development Manager, City of Wilson
Michelle Nance, Planning Director, Centralina Council of Governments
Jason Burdette, Planning Director, Town of Davidson


May 5  Deadline for Candidate position statements.
May 12   Nominating Committee Selects Candidates
June 7   Notice of elections  in Interact.
June 15  Member list for ballot distribution prepared, for members eligible to vote in the election.
July 10   Firm deadline for receiving petition candidates (for those that have a petition process in place), and their position statements/bios.
August 7   Ballots available online, reminders emailed to all members.
Mid-August   Email reminders sent to those members who have not yet voted
Late-August  Email reminders sent to those members who have not yet voted
September 7  Firm deadline for receipt of ballots from membership
September 14  Survey Ballot Systems certifies election results and prepares report to National for dissemination to Chapters/Divisions
January 1, 2018  Newly elected Chapter and Division leaders take office


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