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Do you love strolling down your Main Street? –Shopping, people-watching, eating, or hanging out with friends and family on a beautiful afternoon? Have you ever wanted to say “thank you” to your favorite greenway or show your appreciation for an historic rehabilitation project that truly makes your community great? Do you know of a place that’s still being planned for greatness?

Now is your opportunity to recognize your favorite Main Street, Great Place “In the Making,” Greenway, or Historic Rehabilitation project by nominating it for a 2015 Great Places in North Carolina award!

Nominations will close on January 30th, 2015

Online voting will run from February 9th – 27th, 2015

Celebrate a Main Street, Greenway, or Historic Rehabilitation! Take a look at the contest descriptions below and see which one best fits how YOU want to celebrate!


Online contest. Anyone can nominate in the two Peoples’ Choice categories. Nominations are accepted until January 30th. Then, each category is narrowed down to six finalists by a statewide Expert Panel. Those finalists are placed on the website for voting by the public February 9-27. Each category will have one winner based on the number of votes received by 5 pm on February 27th.

People’s Choice: Great Greenway


With just 100 words and two pictures, you can nominate your favorite greenway for this award. Greenways provide excellent recreational and multi-modal transportation opportunities in a scenic setting and can vary in size and context. Often, greenways link significant parts of a town together –neighborhoods, parks, and civic institutions. Explain to us what makes your greenway special!

People’s Choice: Great Historic Rehabilitation


Historic rehabilitation projects provide opportunities for economic development and community building, while respecting traditional building practices and town planning. Think of a project that used tax credits and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, represents a signature project for a jurisdiction, and has community support. What were the positive outcomes of this project? With just 100 words and two pictures, tell us why you think your historic rehabilitation project is great!


This award category for Main Streets is geared toward professionals as the nomination form is much more detailed, requiring in-depth descriptions of the work and partnerships that went into creating the Main Street.

This award is just a little different from the People’s Choice because it allows a chance to highlight specific information about the Main Street and the partnerships that went into making it successful.

Nomination forms are accepted until January 30th. Then, a statewide Expert Panel chooses winners based on the submitted information and pictures.

Professional’s Category: Great Main Streets

Members of APA-NC can nominate a Great Main Street to join the ranks of the best in North Carolina. If you are not a member of APA-NC, contact your local town planner about submitting a nomination. Four Main Streets representing the Coast, Piedmont (one large and one small community), and Mountains will be chosen by an Expert Panel.

Email forms and photos to by 5pm on January 30th.


Professional’s Category: Great Main Street “In the Making”

If you are a member of APA-NC, nominate a Great Place that’s still being planned or is only partly on the ground with a lot of potential for greatness. If you are not a member of APA-NC, contact your local town planner about submitting a nomination. One Great Place “In the Making” will be chosen by an Expert Panel.

Email forms and photos to by no later than 5pm on January 30th.


About the Great Places in NC Awards Program:

Great Places in North Carolina is an awards program created in 2012 to highlight North Carolina’s Great Places and the communities and people that have created them. North Carolina is full of amazing places that make this state a wonderful place to live, bring important money and jobs into our economy, and keep our communities thriving. Many people work hard to create, sustain, and improve these places, including citizens, planners, business leaders, and elected officials. This is a chance for everyone to celebrate together! Join us as we celebrate the great achievements of our communities!

Want to learn more? Download the NC Great Places Presentation.

What is a Great Main Street?

Great Main Streets are those streets that you want to spend a little time in. They are streets for people, travelers, shopping, and dining. A Main Street might have wonderful fairs and festivals and other programming throughout the year to draw people in and create a sense of community. These Main Streets are important for local business owners and help to keep the spirit of the town alive!

Great Main Streets have worked hard to become examples to the rest of the state. The community has come together to create this success, with partnerships between planners, the business community, elected leaders, community groups, and others. They have taken steps to strengthen the Main Street and preserve a sense of identity and history within the community.