American Planning Association

North Carolina Chapter


North Carolina Planning Assistance Team

NCPAT is a program that provides highly-qualified, low-cost planning expertise to communities in North Carolina that lack resources to tackle small-scale and technical planning challenges. The chapter began the program in 2013, as the Planning Assistance Resource Team (PART). In 2017, the APA-NC executive committee decided to reestablish this program as the improved NCPAT. NCPAT will encourage qualified planners and members of allied professions to volunteer their time to support local governments, development associations, non-profit organizations, and tribal governments in the state. These local organizations will be encouraged to submit technical questions or topics to the chapter’s NCPAT committee on a rolling basis throughout the year. The NCPAT committee will select which requests will be met with NCPAT support, and the NCPAT committee will identify a few professionals from a pool of volunteers who best fit the nature of the technical request. In addition to a rolling solicitation for technical assistance requests, the NCPAT committee will work with the annual conference host committee to identify opportunities for NCPAT assistance during the conference. Opportunities may include a hands-on activity in the conference host community, or it may allow for NCPAT volunteers to travel to a community nearby the conference. The goal is to host two NCPAT events annually, including an event coordinated with the conference.