Morganton Downtown Master Plan RFQ – Morganton, NC

Name of organization: City of Morganton


Location (City & State): Morganton, North Carolina

Name of RFP: Morganton Downtown Master Plan RFQ

RFP Details / Description

The City of Morganton is seeking a dynamic consulting firm and/or team to lead and facilitate visioning sessions with community and business leaders, elected leaders and staff members and to prepare an innovative, cutting edge, and comprehensive Downtown Masterplan. This plan is intended to expand on the 1997 Downtown Masterplan and to build upon the existing energy that has revitalized Downtown in a way not seen since the 1950’s. The plan should fit in with the Mission 2030 Citywide Comprehensive plan. Additionally, this plan should incorporate the master plan findings of the Morganton Recreation Masterplan, where appropriate with the Downtown Masterplan. The Recreation Masterplan will run concurrent with the Downtown Masterplan.

This Downtown Masterplan is intended to further spur investments in downtown housing, retail and commercial development, the arts, historical activities, and the proposed Downtown Greenway Connector, to provide stable and continued economic growth. This plan should engage a full cross-section of the community and accomplish consensus on growth and development policies for Downtown for the next 15 years. The successful firm should be able to demonstrate an understanding of changing demographics as we shift from baby boomers to millennials. The plan should take in to account the (Re) Imaging Broughton Reuse Study and the planned Western Campus of the North Carolina School of Science and Math.

The City seeks to utilize this new Masterplan as a policy and visual guide for downtown’s growth and development throughout the 36 block downtown area with consideration of how adjacent neighborhoods integrate and grow to support the overall success of downtown. The Plan will examine how the present built environment should be changed over the next 15 years given the current demographic profiles, economic conditions and community goals. The plan will examine international, national, regional and local trends that will impact development patterns in the community. It will provide growth implementation strategies and graphically illustrated visions to help guide development decisions for decades.

How to Submit a Proposal

For a copy of the full version of the RFQ which includes details about how to submit, please go to the following website:


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December 1, 2016

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