Parks and Recreation Master Plan RFQ – Morganton, NC

Name of organization: City of Morganton


Location: Morganton, North Carolina

Name of RFP: Parks and Recreation Master Plan RFQ

RFP Details / Description

The City of Morganton, North Carolina (City) is issuing this RFQ (Request for Qualifications) to qualified professional consulting firms interested in developing a Parks Master Plan. The City owns and operates an existing park and trail system. The firm selected by the City will be responsible for performing the tasks necessary to prepare a complete Parks Master Plan for the City. The Plan will include a citywide trails master plan and will document the Department’s park standards. The Plan will also provide recommendations for park land dedication. The updated Plan will continue to guide the growth and development of the City’s parks and recreational facilities by assessing and prioritizing system needs. A minimum planning period of ten years will be addressed.

How to Submit a Proposal

The City is desirous of a comprehensive update to its existing Parks Master Plan. The City expects this process to include involvement and input from City staff members, City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, Parks Board members, residents and others. At a minimum, it should be anticipated that the planning effort will include the following:

  • Multiple Public Meetings and City Staff Meetings
  • Tie in with the Downtown Master Plan also being bid simultaneously.
  • Final product- books, maps, renderings (digital and hard copies)
  • Completion by August 30.
  • Branding with Natures Playground
  • Identify our partnerships
  • Strong Tourism Presence and programmatic development
  • National concepts, trends, local input, and ideas
  • National and State comparisons
  • Feasible scale projects that could be completed within current resources and timelines to serve as demonstration projects.
  • Timeline guides showing goals and identifying partnerships responsibilities. The selected firm shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following tasks and deliverables:
  1. Community profile and needs assessment
  2. Parks, facilities, and trails analysis
  3. Parks Master Plan
  4. Trails Master Plan
  5. Sports Facilities Master Plan
  6. Financial plan


  1. Tasks are subject to change depending on the area being studied and the defined goals in the specific area.
  2. Items 3 through 5 may be combined into one or more plans, provided the completed project adequately covers all three subject areas.

To get a complete version of the RFQ please go to the following website:


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December 1, 2016

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