Planner III – Asheville, NC | 4.5.18

Name of Employer: Buncombe County

Employer Website:

Asheville, NC

Job title: Planner III

Job Details / Description

The primary purpose of this position is to provide program oversight, direction and advanced technical work for the evaluation, administration and implementation of specific programs (i.e. zoning, land use, environmental, conservation) and other development related regulations within the County’s Planning Department.

Essential Functions of the position:

Personnel Management: Train staff, evaluate performance, and provide feedback and disciplinary action as needed; develop and maintain a positive team work environment; provide effective, clear and timely communication.

Initiate and execute the planning and coordination of activities in assigned areas of specialization; monitor to ensure projects remain on schedule and routinely advise the Planning Director on the daily operations of planning related functions.

Analyze needs, programs, services, and requests for assistance; recommend project priorities and enforce planning and zoning regulations and contract specifications.

Serve as a technical advisor to the Board of County Commissioners, Board of Adjustment, Planning Board, other boards and agencies (as necessary) and County officials on matters relating to planning and development activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Direct Personnel Management-

Provide and/or coordinate appropriate training and development for new and existing employees, supply information, technology and reference materials necessary to perform specific jobs functions.

Assign staff duties, relative to classification and specific to job description, communicate the expectations for successful performance of those duties and ensure staff understands how performance will be measured.

Ensure an efficient and effective workflow, implement changes in routine work practices and procedures as needed to modify unit functioning according to specific client needs and employee capabilities.

Evaluate employee performance, provide ongoing feedback, and address performance issues in a timely manner with assistance from the Planning Director.

Program Management –

Prepare and review contracts and agreements.

Prepare and administer development related ordinances and long range plans, and continually evaluate existing ordinances for efficiency and relativity to the ever evolving federal and state regulatory framework.

Maintain a general working knowledge base of planning related disciplines associated with the development process (i.e. Building, Fire, Environmental Health, stormwater and erosion control standards), and coordinate pre-application meetings with necessary representatives.

Provide technical assistance and draft recommendations for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners, County Manager, and/or other boards or committees associated with the Planning Department or specific programs or divisions thereof.

Ensure the maintenance and accuracy of records and prepare comprehensive reports based upon careful research and study of planning areas.

Gather and analyze statistical and narrative data pertaining to planning areas for specific programs or divisions of the Planning Department.

Prepare/coordinate the creation of GIS and other associated/related maps representative of existing conditions, growth patterns and infrastructure needs within the County/region.

Prepare reports on state and federal grant programs; compile information for and assist in the preparation of grant proposals as needed.

Answer inquiries regarding planning functions for specific programs or divisions of the Planning Department and related activities.

Conduct public meetings and prepare public presentations.

Job Candidate Qualifications

Minimum Education, Training and/or Experience: Experience in rural and/or urban planning at the local government level, including experience in a supervisory capacity.  Graduation from a four-year college or university with major course work in planning or a related field with four years of experience; or a Master’s degree in planning with two years of experience preferred; or an equivalent combination of experience and training.

Additional Training and Experience:AICP, CFM, CZO or other planning related certifications will be evaluated and taken into consideration during the application process.

How to Apply

To view current job openings and apply please visit the Buncombe County website at

Applications are accepted for posted position vacancies only. If you want to apply for more than one position, you must submit a separate application for each position.


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April 5, 2018

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