Request for Proposal: Future Land Use Map Refinement | 11.14.17

Name of Organization: Town of Chapel Hill


Location (City & State): Chapel Hill, NC

Name of RFP: Future Land Use Map Refinement

RFP Details / Description

The Town of Chapel Hill, NC is soliciting proposals for professional services (Consultant) to assist the Town in refining its Future Land Use Map (FLUM). The refined FLUM will be an amendment to the Town’s existing Comprehensive Plan, Chapel Hill 2020, adopted in June of 2012.

The goal of the project is to refine the Town’s Future Land Use Map so that it aligns with the Town

Council’s current strategic planning efforts; reflects Town values; honors the community’s desire

to protect what it loves and add what it needs; and adheres to established goals to create land use

tools that are predictable, functional, and intentional.

The purpose of the refined FLUM is to inform and guide policy discussions as the Town undertakes a

rewrite of its Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO) in 2019. The refined FLUM will depict a desired

future for the community over the next thirty-one years until 2049, which will be 230 years after

the Town’s founding in 1819.

How to Submit a Proposal

Proposals are due by 3:00 PM on December 8, 2017. Please e-mail the proposal, as a

pdf, as well as provide three paper submittals. The e-mail should be sent to Zakia Alam,

Purchasing and Contracts Manager, at with “FLUM

Refinement” in the subject line. The paper copies should be mailed with “ FLUM

Refinement” marked on the exterior of the envelope:

Zakia Alam, Purchasing and Contracts Manager

405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

For complete details and submission information, please visit


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November 14, 2017

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