Request for Proposals: Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan Update – Carrboror, NC | 10.4.18

Name of Organization: Town of Carrboro


Carrboro, NC

Name of RFP: Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan Update

RFP Details / Description

The Town of Carrboro is seeking a qualified firm to provide planning services to update the Town’s 2009 Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan under the North Carolina Department of Transportation 2018 Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant Initiative, Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation and Transportation Planning Branch and the Recommended Content Standards for Developing Municipal Bicycle or Pedestrian Plans. The planning grant, including matching Town of Carrboro funds, provides $70,000 to develop the updated Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan. This project shall be completed within 12 months; completion within a shorter timeframe is preferred.

Additional details about the RFP and bid process can be found at

How to Submit a Proposal

The proposal submittal submitted must clearly address the requirements outlined in the RFP. Any concerns that the proposing firm may have about meeting these requirements shall be specifically identified in the proposal submittal. The proposing firm must insure that all proposed work meets all applicable State and Federal requirements.

Consultants interested in the project are invited to submit one (1) original and five (5) copies of a proposal submittal that addresses the criteria listed above and include the following:

1. Cover Letter
Reference to “Update the Town of Carrboro’s Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan”
Listing of all firms on the project team
Statement regarding the specific statuses of firms, such as DBE, HUB, WBE, etc.
Conflict of interest statement

2. Personnel
Provide the proposing firm’s name, address, contact name(s) and telephone number(s).

3. General Profile and Qualifications
Provide a general profile of your firm. Also, provide the qualifications that the personnel of your firm possess in order to prepare the services outlined in this RFP. Provide names of principals, key persons, or associates who would be involved in the project and their qualifications and/or resumes. Provide a list of contact information for three (3) similar projects completed by the person/firm, giving names, addresses, and phone numbers of clients. Proposers are welcome to include qualified subconsultants in their proposals.

4. Scope of Services
Provide an outline of the understanding of each task of the project with proposed methodology, summarize the basic approach to providing the services, and the project management approach along with any recommendations on improving efficiencies in the process. Provide the names of the staff that will be assigned to complete each task.

5. Summary Timeline
Include a timeline for completion of each task.

6. Summary of Fees
This project is funded by a grant from the NCDOT and matching funds from the Town of Carrboro. No additional expenses shall be incurred without the express prior written authorization from the Town of Carrboro. The budget for this project is $70,000. The Town will consider all proposals and may negotiate the budget based on proposals received.

Proposal submittals must be received by 2:00 p.m. on Monday, October 29th, 2018. One (1) original and five (5) copies of the proposal submittal shall be submitted to the attention of Arche McAdoo at 301 West Main Street, Carrboro, NC, 27510.


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October 4, 2018

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