Request for Proposals: Land Use and Transportation Plan – Zebulon, NC | 8.13.19

Name of Organization: Town of Zebulon
Zebulon, NC
Name of RFP: Land Use and Transportation Plan

RFP Details / Description

The Town of Zebulon seeks to identify qualified consultants who have experience in preparing a comprehensive land use and transportation plan, with associated maps, who have a knowledge of Eastern Wake County, North Carolina and the rapid growth it is experiencing; North Carolina land use law; experience with developing and carrying out creative outreach methods; facilitation of public meetings; compilation and analysis of information; preparation and revisions to comprehensive plans; creating future land use maps; extensive GIS capabilities; innovative and user-friendly documents and interactive web-based documents; quality design graphics; presentations to boards and commissions; and attainable recommendations for implementation of goals.

How to Submit a Proposal

Any firm that would like to be considered for this project must submit the following information as part of their Qualifications Package:

  1. A signed cover letter from a principal in the lead firm (a) expressing interest in the project, (b) certifying that the firm is properly licensed to carry out the professional services described in this RFQ, and (c) certifying that sufficient resources in personnel, equipment, and time are available and can be committed to this project.
  2. Six (6) examples of previous work completed by the firm and staff that will be involved in this project and that are similar in nature to the scope of work proposed for this project. Content should include scope of work performed by the firm, links or digital copies of the plans, location and timing of the project, and outcomes.
  3. Short resumes or bios of professional staff that would be involved in project design and management, including professional registrations and certifications, office location, position title, length of service in current position, role in past projects of similar nature, and role/commitment to this project.
  4. References from three (3) recent clients on similar projects.
  5. Similar information to that above for any sub-contractors, consultants or partners anticipated to be involved in this project.
  6. A proposed simple work plan for delivering the services with monthly milestones over the estimated twelve (12) to eighteen (18) month project duration.
  7. Availability of key personnel to be dedicated to the project through completion of the planning and on a consultative basis for three months after final concept plan approval.
  8. Proposed outline showing timetable from notice to proceed to final adoption and completion with specific milestones for the project.

The Town invites all interested and qualified firms to electronically submit their Qualification Package for this project as a PDF to Michael Clark at mclark@TownofZebulon.Org or by USB thumb drive by 3:00 PM on Monday September 2, 2019.

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August 13, 2019

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