Request for Proposals: Strategic Plan | 3.9.18

Name of Organization: Town of Troutman


Location (City & State): Troutman, NC

Name of RFP: Strategic Plan

RFP Details / Description

The Town of Troutman is soliciting proposals from qualified, multi-disciplinary professionals in the fields of urban planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, economic and community development or related fields, to assist in the development of a Strategic Master Plan (the plan) to chart the growth for the Town of Troutman for the next ten (10) years.

Services shall include but not be limited to:  community engagement, research and consultation on best practices, meeting facilitation, document drafting, mapping, creation of supporting graphics, statistical analysis, forecasting of demographic, economic, and transportation characteristics, and presentations to citizens, staff, elected and appointed officials.

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How to Submit a Proposal

1.2   PROPOSALS:  All proposals received by the Town in response to this RFP will be retained. 1.2.1 Proposals must be signed by an individual authorized to bind the contractor to its provisions. 1.2.2 Proposals must arrive in the Town Manager’s Office on or before March 31, 2017. Consultants mailing proposals should allow normal mail delivery time to ensure timely receipt of the proposal. Late proposals will not be accepted. 1.2.3. The Town is not liable for any costs incurred by contractors prior to issuance of a contract. 1.2.4 Before submitting a proposal, firms shall carefully examine the scope of work and shall fully inform themselves as to all existing conditions and limitations and shall indicate in the proposal all items requested.


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March 9, 2018

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