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Greensboro, NC

Job title: Senior Planner

Job Details / Description

$47,789.00 – $64,515.00 Annually



Performs a variety of technical and planning functions within the Planning Section in administering the Guilford County Development Ordinance.  Work also involves the preparation and implementation of Area Plans or Town Plans.


An employee in this class is responsible for interpreting and carrying out policies and procedures related to the County Development Ordinance.  The classification is characterized by major public contact functions and acts as a liaison between the department and the general public guidelines.  Work is performed under the general supervision of the Chief Planner.  The Planner II performs general oversight of the work of a Planner I; however, the Planner II does not have supervisory authority over personnel of Area Plans or Town Plans, but would not be responsible for presentation of comprehensive plans or major public policy initiatives or revisions.

Examples of Duties


Essential Duties

  • Informs public and answers questions with regard to subdivisions, site plans, sign and parking regulations.
  • Interprets laws, rules, and policies in the County Development Ordinance regarding subdivisions, site plans, easements, road names, addresses, signs, and parking.
  • Advise owners, developers, engineers, and surveyors of procedures, principles, solutions, and alternatives for development.
  • Reviews plats and site plans for accuracy, completeness, and compliance.
  • Logs subdivisions and site plans, maintains case index cards and updates plat books.
  • Maintains files envelops and exhibits for plats and site plans.
  • Consults with other departments and agencies, and obtains signatures and releases for plats and site plans.
  • Distributes preliminary and final plats.
  • Receives, reviews, and files bonds, assurances, disclosure statements, payment certificates for plats and site plans.
  • Researches plat and site histories by examining air photos, soil survey, watershed regulations, erosion control guidelines, road standards, and related regulations.
  • Must be familiar with county and municipal subdivision regulations, and apply said plats and plans.
  • Analyzes socio-economic data, prepares populations projections, and prepares analysis of trends for Area Plans and Town Plans.
  • Forecasts and develops future land uses taking into account natural resources for Area Plans and Town Plans.
  • Analyzes existing land uses and environmental features with regard toward trends for Area Plans and Town Plans.
  • Prepares natural resource inventories and maps such.
  • Prepares and/or updates Area Plan or similar plans, and presents said in a public forum.
  • Assists and meets with citizens and landowners in discussion of all plan elements.
  • Prepares Technical Review Committee (TRC) agenda items and presents cases to TRC.
  • Prepares letters and other correspondence to applicants with regard to plats and site plans.
  • Signs and approves final plats for recordation.
  • Approves site plans upon completion of review.
  • Composes letters to applicants regarding TRC and Planning Board decisions for subdivisions, site plans, and rezoning.
  • Assists in preparation of Planning Board agenda items.
  • Informs public and answers questions with regards to zoning.
  • Receives rezoning applications and discusses rezoning procedures with applicants.
  • Maintains rezoning file folders and all exhibits thereto.
  • Provides owners and developers with advice and assistance on the Development Ordinance.
  • Acts as primary contact person on Area Plans or Town Plans.
  • Prepares monthly county and municipal reports.
  • Prepares ordinance revisions and amendments.
  • Prepares comprehensible plan elements or updates to the County Comprehensive Plan.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of County planning as they pertain to the design and development of urban and regional areas, planning research, zoning and subdivision activities.
  • Considerable knowledge of County charter and of the various ordinance, codes and regulations pertaining to planning, zoning and subdivision activities.
  • Considerable knowledge of the techniques required in the preparation of maps, charts, sketches and complex graphics.
  • Considerable knowledge of research methodology and of standard statistical procedures.
  • Ability to plan, organize, supervise and carry out complex research projects effectively.
  • Ability to present the results of research effectively in oral, written and graphic form.
  • Ability to supervise a small group of professional, technical, and clerical personnel engaged in routine County Planning, zoning and subdivision work.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, subordinates, and municipal officials.
  • Considerable working knowledge of personal computers and demonstrated ability to use effectively and efficiently in daily work.

Job Candidate Qualifications

Typical Qualifications

Minimum Education and Experience:

Master’s degree in Planning, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, or a closely related field and two years professional experience, preferably working with legal descriptions, plats, surveys, easements, site plans, landscape plans, and two or more area plans; OR, BA in Planning, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, or a closely related field and four years of professional experience, preferably working with legal descriptions, plats, surveys, easements, site plans, landscape plans, and two or more area plans.  Attendance of nightly meetings is required.

Special Requirements

Certification of successful completion of Zoning, Subdivision, Planning and Development, or equivalent course training. Certification by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) preferred, or ability to obtain within one year.

How to Apply

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HR Phone:  (336) 641-3324


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June 20, 2017

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