Vidalista 60 mg pills online

If you have a permanent partner, however, you have noticed that you have less sex in your life, and it seems that this state of affairs secretly suits you both partners, it’s time to think about Vidalista pills. Family therapist Sarah Hunter Murray from online drugstore discusses why you don’t want sex and what reduces sexual desire. To buy these tablets online, it is necessary, first of all, to establish its dosage: 60 mg.

Of course, there are many more than three of them. Sexual activity is affected by the state of health, and the discrepancy of jet lag, and any disagreements in the couple. Some women, even these days, are sometimes held captive by the misconception that they should not enjoy sex, and therefore treat it as a duty. And yet the most common reasons, according to the observations of family therapists, are the following:

1. Stress

Constant stressful situations reduce the synthesis of testosterone, a hormone on which sexual desire directly depends. Also, a biochemical response to stress involves the release of cortisol (anxiety hormone) and adrenaline. The latter prepares the body to overcome difficult situations by raising blood sugar and blood pressure to provide fuel to the muscles and brain. But in reviews of Vidalista drug, we don’t need all this.

That’s why, after a stressful situation, we feel very tired. What kind of sex when you just want to fall into bed and fall asleep? The regular lack of sleep is not the best way to influence sexual life. It makes us insensitive to pleasant stimuli such as petting. To eliminate these causes, you need to take stress levels under control and defeat insomnia.

You can start with a simple rule: do not check the night work mail and do not watch the news. And generic Tadalafil is the best way to mitigate the effects of stress. After all, the more we make love, the more endorphins, and oxytocin – hormones of happiness and affection – in the body.

2. Poor nutrition

This is the most common reason for the decline in sexual activity. Significant weight gain has a bad effect on the work of blood vessels, including in the genital area, which negatively affects their sensitivity. A dense dinner can also nullify all chances of a romantic night. All the forces of the body will go to the digestion of food. And fatty dishes also cause a feeling of heaviness and drowsiness.

Therefore, it is better to dine early and light dishes – salads of green vegetables, fish, and seafood. It is worth saying a few words about alcohol and ED medications. Contrary to stereotypes, a large amount of alcohol does not increase libido but kills it. Alcohol abuse affects the nerve endings that are responsible for male erection and clitoral sensitivity in women.

3. Low self-esteem

Low self-perception makes a person clamped, and complex does not allow us to relax. If you think that you can not interest anyone in sexual terms, it subconsciously reduces your interest in the process itself. Therefore, we need to stop focusing on our own shortcomings. Active sexual life is led not only by the owners of the perfect Cialis or Vidalista.

Stop thinking about extra centimeters at the waist; worry about the hump on the nose or freckles on the back. Love yourself, feel more liberated. If you do it yourself, it makes sense to sign up for training to increase self-esteem or consultation with a specialist.