2018 General Assembly Election Results (Initial)

Author: Chad Meadows, Legislative Chair

The initial results of the 2018 election have been tallied, and there are several changes to note. The following text details the current structure of the General Assembly and the how that may change as election results are certified. Election results are not official until certified by the NC State Board of Elections on 11.16.18.

170 Legislators: 50 Senators & 120 Representatives

Pre-election Structure:
• House: R = 75; D = 45. Supermajority for R• Senate: R = 35; D = 15. Supermajority for R
• This structure remains in place until the 2018 session adjourns

2018 Election Results:
As of 11.8.18
• Democrats picked up at least 11 seats, and lead in 4 other close races
• If Democrats remain in lead in close races, Democrats gain 15 seats – (9 in House, 6 in Senate)
• Potential post-election structure:
House: R = 66; D = 54 (includes results of close races, as they currently stand)
Senate: R = 29; D = 21 (includes results of close races as, they currently stand)
Source: NCInsider.com

Regardless of outcome of close races, Republicans continue to control both the House and the Senate

Close Races:May be subject to recounts
• Senate District 9 (New Hanover) D in front by 36 votes
• Senate District 19 (Cumberland) D in front by 306 votes
• Senate District 27 (Guilford) D in front of R by #? votes• House District 103 (Mecklenburg) R in front by 52 votes
• House District 98 (Mecklenburg) D in front by 333 votes
• House District 63 (Alamance) R in front by 295 votes
Source: NCInsider.com

Supermajority Status:
Supermajority = the ability of the GA to over-ride vetoes from governor
House: Democrats needed 49 seats to end supermajority.
Won at least 53 seats; supermajority is gone in the House.
Senate: Democrats needed 18 seats to end supermajority. Could win 18; if so, then supermajority will be gone in the Senate

Election results certified on Nov. 16

Next Session Commencement:
Noon, 11/27/18

Long Session Commencement:
2nd Wednesday in January (1.9.19)

Please contact the APA-NC Legislative Committee for additional details. We will re-post final results after certification on 11.16.18.