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The City of Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle sits on top of the ridge that runs through the center of town while Arthur’s Seat looks down from the other end.  The Firth of Forth is visible from the top, and the Royal Yacht Britannia is moored at the docks. 

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Most at Risk for Erasure from Climate Change

Up and down the coast of the Carolinas, the iconic seaside towns are facing a brutal storm. Their residents, restauranteurs, and local government staff are holding their collective breath to see what will be left after Hurricane Florence. They know what we all know now—the storm’s waves and wind will likely bring large scale destruction. Local and national media are covering Florence by breathlessly reporting from the water’s edge, while we nervously watch the waves crash behind them on the screen.

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Busting Stereotypes One Wheel at a Time

The following is derived from an interview with Athena Wollin, a bicycle mechanic at Oak City Cycling Project, graphic designer, and board member of Oaks & Spokes, a bicycle advocacy nonprofit in Raleigh, NC. Originally from central Oregon, Athena has lived in Portland, Boulder, and now Raleigh. She loves bikes and the bicycle’s form and movement inspired her early graphic and animation work. This led to a fascination with the bike’s mechanics, and the happiness bikes provide while riding.

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