Expanding Affordable Housing in NC

Author:  Leigh Anne King, Principal at Clarion Associates

This summer, the APA-NC Affordable Housing Task Force was launched with the mission of developing a clearinghouse of information and case studies to assist planners, elected officials, and other housing advocates to expand affordable housing in NC. The Task Force is comprised of a broad array of disciplines and perspectives that work daily to achieve affordable housing in communities across our state. Affordable housing is being defined in the broadest way possible by the Task Force to include a variety of housing needs for residents of NC living in rural, suburban, and urban contexts.

Earlier this fall the Task Force asked planners to participate in an online survey to better understand the types of information that planners and other housing advocates need to support their work. Thank you to the nearly 100 planners that filled out the survey!

If you did not fill out the survey, but think you have an important strategy or tool to share with NC planners, please contact Leigh Anne King, APA-NC Task Force Co-Chair at laking@clarionassociates.com We look forward to sharing future updates on the progress of the Task Force work. Happy Holidays!