American Planning Association

North Carolina Chapter


About the Legislative Program

As part of the APA-NC’s goal to preserve and create great communities throughout North Carolina, each year the organizations adopts state legislative priorities.  Through a process of issue identification, discussion and voting, the APA-NC Legislative Committee regularly provides recommendations to the Executive Committee, who then select the priorities for each year. Once they are selected, the APA-NC reaches out to state legislators and others to promote these issues and support appropriate state legislation.

Please see the 2017 List of Legislative Priorities for APA-NC for bills of interest to planners.

If you have questions or comments, please contact:

Amy Nelson
Legislative Committee Chair
(P) 336-222-5110

Ken A. Bowers, AICP
Immediate Past Chair
(P) 919-516-2633

Randolph Cloud
Legislative Liaison
(P) 919-821-1004
(F) 919-833-5743

Want to Contact Your Legislator Regarding Planning Issues?

For North Carolina Legislators, go to the NC General Assembly Homepage.

For your congressional representatives, click here and type in your zip. You can also visit the House and Senate pages listed below:

U.S. House of Representatives
The House website provides links to all member websites and all congressional committee websites. Users can also get the latest floor schedule and regularly updated information on floor activity. The site provides a feature where users can locate their representative by zip code.

U.S. Senate
The Senate site offers the same features as the House site described above.